Henry's Holberton Application


Hello. My name is Henry and this is my application project for Holberton School. This mini-site is just a random grab bag of things that caught my interest, so there's not really a cohesive theme. Just the same, hope you have a fun minute browsing it. :)

Game Stuff

This is a card game prototype that I did using Ruby on Rails   when I was learning Ruby

As the saying goes, When all you have is a hammer, all you see are nails. I thought it'd be neat to make a card game in Ruby/Rails just to see if it can be done. -___- (Can you do it? sort of. Should you? No.)

Anyways, here is the unholy result of my first serious attempt at making a game. Enjoy/suffer by clicking on the blueprint icon. Space Rabbits by Henry Hsu

I'd like to think I'm older and wiser now. (Older anyways.) and I've learned the wisdom of using more appropriate tools for the job. I have since redeveloped the game using Game Maker Studio (An excellent solution for developing 2D games, especially if you're concerned about Unity and/or Unreal's royalties structure . My only major complaint with it is that GML is not a fully object oriented language, which has caused issues for me in the past). You may download the most recent portable (no need to install to play) build of the game .

Aside from that, I have added links to a tweet as instructed in the nav bar above, along with link to a tangentially relevant video; and lastly a page I made for me to learn the rudiments of the google maps API.

Behold the above, a clickable picture.